The collections of Brokis lights are ingenious, devised by recognized Czech and foreign designers, who have gained world-wide reputation, since they harvest great amount of prizes. Brokis is the perfect combination of hand-blown glass, select materials such as wood and metal, from which combinations of bold lights are born, pushing the boundaries of contemporary design.

Brokis products include modern lights, lighting objects and lighting solutions for architects and interior designers.

The productive capacity of Brokis allows to develop materials, techniques and innovative technologies and experiment to offer solutions of lighting to measure.

Brokis logo

Blown glass tradition

Brokis was conceived as a platform aimed at reviving the Czech glass industry, elevating it to higher levels and preserving knowledge and craftsmanship, collected by several generations of glassware.

At the same time, the manufacture of colored glass has been reintroduced, a little forgotten process, which has become characteristic for the brand Brokis.