A team of designers innovates through a new approach to traditional methods. Respect for the materials and culture of this ancient art is reflected in the ecological approach of the company at every step of production, ranging from the manual spinning of the softest Himalayan wool to the use of purified rainwater For washing the finished products, making each of the cc-tapis carpets unique.

Far from mass production, cc-tapis aims to offer a tailor-made service to those who understand and enjoy a high quality product, where a production time of three months contains an ageless culture history.

Three materials are used today in the production of carpets: wool and silk for pile and cotton for warp and weft (offers excellent resistance and therefore longer life to the carpet). Hemp and flax can also be used.

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Exclusive custom rugs

To produce the carpets exclusively by hand means that cc-tapis is capable of making any carpet to measure. Cc-tapis can adapt the dimensions, give many of their models new colors, or work on a completely new one.

There are endless possibilities to create a unique rug using over 1200 different colors, materials such as wool, silk or hemp, combined with different textures and different heights of pile.