CEA design

If steel is a durable material, its forms must also be eternal. Therefore, CEA selects very basic geometric forms, which can more easily appeal to a more "intimate" level of human consciousness, preferring circles, rectangles, cylinders and shapes that can convey a sense of "timelessness." The design itself becomes synonymous with a sense of extreme modernity and perhaps a sense of timelessness.

CEA has gained the distinction in the world of bathroom accessories and decoration as a company with a futuristic perspective and is now increasingly regarded as an important benchmark within the sector.

Past experience and specialization in the plumbing and heating sectors have helped the CEA to achieve a level of competence widely recognized in terms of design and technological foresight.

Cea design logo

Original and sophisticated designs

The mechanical strength and hardness of the steel are, of course, the basis of its durability. The duration of the material is also one of the main guarantees of product quality, ensuring that it remains unchanged over time and naturally stable under stress conditions.

The ability to respond to the requirements of designers, while adopting an approach that emphasizes the evolution in terms of form and content in all products, is an obvious feature of CEA's production lines.