To question and break with the existing if this allows to pave the way for new and innovative ideas is the avant-garde concept that is evident in all its devices and underlies the four most important formal principles applicable to all of them: they are authentic, sculptural, current and Generous

Their appliances are authentic and current in every detail. Authentic in the choice of materials, current in their formal language. And they only use aesthetic materials and with a long life: stainless steel, aluminum, brass, cast iron, enamel and glass.

In this way they make each device have a unique touch and can convince through forms that correspond exactly with their character.


Demanding design

The demanding design of the products also always takes into account the adaptation of the appliances to the space, a factor that is today more important than ever, since the kitchens are positioned each time in the center of our lives in the architectural sense.

With a formal language that converts appliances into sculptural air objects, they give their products a great grandeur.