Avant-garde bathroom design, following trends, new materials and technologies in furniture, washbasins, bathtubs, shower trays, accessories...

Inbani was born in Alicante in 2004 with one objective: to be an international reference for top-of-the-range bathroom furniture. Since its inception Inbani has been characterized by investing in technology and innovation to create a unique and different design, close.

Inbani has always invested in the creation of its own design and in the transmission of its own identity, seeking to cultivate the essential values of quality and commitment that differentiate it from the rest. Only by reaching a meeting point between designer and company can it make its products an authentic experience.

Inbani stands for manufacturing quality, design thinking. The brand strives to offer comfort and aesthetic value to the bathroom space.

Inbani gris

New bathroom concepts for new experiences

The personalization of the spaces brings them closer to the image that each client has formed of their own bathroom.