Limited edition

Limited Edition rugs only need a single glance to attract attention, but that is only because they are the result of hours – sometimes even days – of intensive manual work. Discover a surprising world of 100% Belgian, age-old craftsmanship and distinctive design.

Colour is their passion. This means that their rugs can have a wide range of shades – from bold colour trends to attractive classics with a timeless touch.

They also have their own yarn dyeing studio. They see it as a bit of a playground where they get to enjoy mixing different colours to get just the right custom shade, but where they also apply the highest quality assurance standards.

Limited edition logo

100% belgian, with a twist

As a family company, they have a clear goal: to surprise you with a unique rug. Their designers and production specialists work hard every day to show their exceptional rug making talents, knowledge and experience, all thanks to their love for the trade.

Their designers and developers are in charge of product development, handmade with great care and attention to detail.