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Miele: siempre mejores

10 June, 2020

Miele: siempre mejores

It is one of the best-known German brands specialized in household appliances on the market: several awards in the sector corroborate its brand slogan "Forever better".

Its durability, performance, energy efficiency and design are the most outstanding attributes of your kitchen appliances.

Washers, dryers, dishwashers, cooking appliances and even vacuum cleaners: Miele is a specialist in small and large household appliances, and also for professional environments.

Where to buy Miele appliances in Barcelona

Are you interested in where you can buy your Miele kitchen in Barcelona?

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Apart from advising you so that you can select the best kitchen for your needs, in Zentrum stores we will help you in all phases of each project, offering you a serious and professional design service, with creativity and control. You can take a look at the services that Zentrum stores offer to obtain more information.

Miele kitchen appliances

Over the years, and in its commitment to always be better, Miele has made several innovations in the kitchen area.

Rotary controls, high-resolution touch panels or discreet sensors with which to easily manage all your appliances; they are some of the advances that have been incorporated into their creations, adapting to modern times without neglecting the tradition for quality and durability.

Miele: siempre mejores

Some of the brand's most prominent kitchen appliances are:

  • Ovens: the Miele range of ovens is extensive and for all tastes and needs, and is that they combine different options such as steam function and microwave mode in its compact or traditional mode.
  • Hobs: induction, gas, ceramic hob, integrated extraction ... an alternative for each type of kitchen
  • Range hoods: wall, ceiling, built-in or countertop hoods. Aesthetics and functionality adapted to your needs.
  • Dishwashers: built-in or free-standing dishwashers
  • Refrigerators, combis, freezers and wine conditioners
  • Integrable coffee machines: a unique flavour experience with your professional coffee machines

Best of Miele

Miele: siempre mejores

If Miele can boast of anything, it's its quality, which is why its brand slogan honours it.

Do you want to know why Miele is “Forever better”? Let us tell you…


"Forever better", applied crosswise

Since its founding in 1899, Miele has always been committed to its owners, employees, customers and suppliers; as well as with the environment and society in general. Values ​​that form the basis of its corporate philosophy.

For this reason, its motto “Forever better” (“Immer besser” in German) refers both to its will and brand commitment for always being better than its competitors and also better than it currently is.


Awards and prizes

Continuous development and improvement are the foundation of Miele. Multiple awards endorse this commitment and give recognition to its values ​​for exceeding and becoming better and better.

For this reason, they have various awards and prizes for the brand and for many of its products.

Several of them obtain them every year on a recurring basis, recognizing and endorsing their worth year after year. For example:

  • Award as one of the 10 best international corporate brands
  • Reddot design award
  • IF design award

Extras: warranty extension up to 5 years

Miele offers you the possibility to increase the warranty of your kitchen from the statutory 2 years to a total of 5 years, so that your Miele kitchen appliances are covered for a longer time.

This service is available for a wide variety of your appliances, and for this you must buy a warranty extension certificate for the years you want.

In this link you will find all the information to be able to extend the warranty of your Miele appliances.


Undoubtedly, Miele is a brand of high-quality appliances, committed to always giving the best for its customers.

If you decide to consider Miele appliances for your kitchen, do not hesitate to approach or contact ZentrumLab La Garriga so that we can advise you with the utmost professionalism.


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