The firm closely monitors production from start to finish, from research and design to production and sale. This approach has led to a clearly identifiable and strong brand that guarantees the continuity of an offer closely linked to the culture of the project.

Moab's expertise in the industry, its methods of industrial processing and its constant research into the aesthetics and materials of the products has earned it a place among those companies capable of exploring and expressing several of the evolutions in contemporary styles and concepts with solutions Ideal for different lifestyles.

The result is an astounding array of integrated systems that allow you to create original and varied life environments enriched by the added value of customization and bespoke distinction.

MOAB 80 logo

Valid and innovative alternatives

The collection of furniture is characterized by elegant aesthetic and contemporary details, and a great functionality obtained thanks to the ample containers equipped.

The different possibilities of DressCode, can raise from the consolidated elegance to the most sought, obtained through the chromatic variety and materials. The new sinks integrated in the channel, offer a valid alternative to the usual under the counter.