At Mobalco we design holistic, vital kitchens in tune with people who have dedicated their lives to improving our world and enriching our soul.

Your kitchen is a place where you can prepare your food with care and simplicity. Recreate and nourish yourself at the same time, in a peaceful environment.

Passion, sensitivity, satisfaction for things well done. The essence of Mobalco is based on solidly rooted principles. The deep knowledge of his trade and the careful craftsmanship complete the work where technology has left him.

Mobalco uses wood that comes exclusively from controlled felling in sustainably managed forests, basically from the E.U., Canada and the U.S.A. and acquired in very thick planks.

Mobalco gris

Feed Your Soul

The environments with wood make us feel alive, create a warm and cozy feeling. Psychologists say that wood produces positive stimuli on the subconscious.