NIDI, in Italian, is the word that describes the cozy and protected place where children are raised.

His designs focus initially on children and then on young people, the way spaces influence their lives. Beauty, ergonomics, safety and practicality are the characteristics with which they design children's furniture, to make each space stimulating, welcoming, safe and relaxing: the best environment to play, sleep, learn and grow.

Observers of the world of childhood know that children change as they grow up. They create collections that respond to their needs for autonomy and personal expression. They pay attention to quality and safety. They produce all the furniture in Italy, to ensure that each space has the characteristics of a perfect environment in which to grow.

Nidi gris

Design, emotion, color, flexibility, (im)perfection

They imagine each room as a story where colours are inspired by nature and where complements, accessories, wallpapers, fabrics and stickers bring rhythm, character and personality to the narration.