New Poliform Flagship Store Barcelona

19 05, 2019

New Poliform Flagship Store Barcelona

What will we present at Poliform Flagship Store?

Poliform, una de las marcas con las que trabajamos desde nuestros inicios, ha sido la elegida para dedicar una tienda exclusiva en la Via Augusta de Barcelona. Allí presentaremos un showroom con los productos y todas las novedades de Poliform.

Poliform, one of the brands with which we have worked since our inception, has been chosen to dedicate an exclusive shop in Via Augusta in Barcelona. There we will present a showroom with the products and all the innovations of Poliform.

This mark is characterized by its quality and contemporary excellence. Innovation in all its forms, guided by quality and excellence, care and respect for the properties of each material, each type of wood, finish, or surface treatment.

Poliform production is based on a culture of “doing things well”, from the initial idea to the finished product, from manual workmanship to industrialised processes. This way, they could create a totally balanced look for sophisticated, yet discrete luxury. 

Moreover, knowledge inscribed with innovation and continuous research in a constant effort to improve product standards. Modular systems, upholstered elements, beds and accessories transformed and embellished by new finishes, satisfying all kinds of tastes through a variety of styles and forms in both the living area and the bedroom.

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