Novamobili distinguishes itself in the world of furniture by its modular systems and by its objective of inspiring personal concepts of domestic life, projecting furniture that defines new rules for building spaces around the objects we wish to have at our side. At the heart of its philosophy, the values of modularity, flexibility and transversality, a clear expression of a craft tradition that continues in a technologically advanced company open to the challenges of the future.

It uses eco-friendly materials: this is its contribution to the well-being and respect for nature and the territory.

Sustainable development and protection of nature as a vital and indispensable heritage: these are some of the challenges that Novamobili faces every day, committing itself to reduce more and more the environmental impact of its products and processes.

Novamobili gris

Furniture solutions at the service of ergonomics and functionality

Research and development are synonymous with design, quality and care of each phase of the production process.