Protagonist of a business adventure of great success, the company has turned the continuous search for quality in its own mission renewing its own proposals to always interpret the best possible way the lifestyles and the most contemporary trends.

A typologically complete production that carries with it the design concept of a "Poliform house", stylistically coherent in all its components. A "global project" that declines in every architectural situation thanks to the exceptional versatility of modular systems.


An international company with strong roots in a territory, that of Brianza, which has managed to preserve its own values and traditions.

A culture of work as a social value, which has seen the district become a protagonist in its recent history of exceptional economic development.

Very rigorous architectures, located within a few kilometers radius of each other, Poliform productive units fit perfectly into Brianza angles where nature is considered a wealth and a heritage to be respected, attesting to the link and participation of Poliform In the life of the territory itself.