Poliform Kitchens

The design is part of Poliform's productive culture. With the aim of satisfying the needs of each user, Poliform has concentrated its strengths on the most technical parts and finishes, focusing this product on projects with the aim of integrating the kitchen into the home, always guaranteeing the highest quality.

The stylistic search is continuous, always with the aim of interpreting as best as possible the most contemporary tendencies and of providing maximum freedom of combination between the various proposals.

The search for innovation for Poliform is a large test bench, where design and design solutions are studied and then translated into a quality that is often invisible in the "standard" proposals.


Design, Technology and Reliability

Modular systems, for example, are the result of continuous technological and typological research: proposals capable of changing freely, of enriching themselves, adopting new solutions in the kitchen world, but always maintaining their own proven reliability.

Poliform's operating units are designed to guarantee the highest quality of the finished product. A working method that preserves the care and attention of the real experts, combining it with the continuous technological innovation of the production lines.