Vallromanes Integral

Design: Zentrum team
Surface area: 320 m2
Situation: Vallromanes
Brands: Poliform, Casadesus, Antono Lupi, Varenna, Gaggenau, Alsesa, Brokis

Interior design project of a modern house. It was necessary to organize the day-plant, since they wanted specific spaces that were communicated between them in such a way that everything was clear. The kitchen with a central island needed an area to eat daily and that is why a table made of natural wood was made. The dining area was located between the kitchen and the living room. The living room has large windows with views to the outside that was decorated colorful and casual. The inner room thought to watch the television was decorated with warm colors. The two rooms communicate thanks to a home of bifacial fire.

Hiding the chimney vent and wiring all the electrical elements of the television was one of the tricky points to design. The customer wanted a large bookstore and a logger.