Zentrum is associated with a long career and constant renovation in the field of design, starting from a broad technical training in industrial design and product development applied to architecture and construction.

Zentrum has participated in different innovation projects in the interior architecture sector for domestic, commercial and office spaces thanks to the collaboration we have with a number of leading firms such as Rimadesio, Poliform, Gaggenau, BOMMA, Bora, Roda, etc. In this way, we offer our clients and professionals, a complete integral project.

We have the experience and the know-how to optimize your new home and adapt it to your needs using the maximum resources with the lowest possible cost. For this reason, we believe that the best way is a thorough control of the project through a work management service, with the experience, confidence and professionalism of our industrialists, suppliers and work team.

We work closely with the professional sector related to architecture, engineering and interior design, putting all our tools to execute together the most demanding and daring projects. We know how important it is to be serious and professional, that is why we are involved in every project from the creative phase and development of the project to the execution and control of the work.

"We entered in the house in order to structure spaces, organize functional environments that add value, aiming to improve the quality of life and achieve maximum customer comfort"

Each client is unique, with different needs and customs and as a consequence, each project is a challenge. From the beginning, Zentrum follows a procedure of design and development of a personalized project analyzing and studying each space to adapt it to the specific needs of each home.

We bring innovative, efficient and ergonomic solutions, well resolved with the best product on the market. We guarantee the best service and quality both in the product and in the human team, from the beginning of the project to the execution and completion of it.