Wever & Ducré

For some time now, Belgium, in addition to delicious waffles and chocolates, also represents fashion lights that not only amaze by their appearance, but also have convincing internal values. The latest generation of LEDs can be adapted to a cozy attic or to the most modern club in the city. Because they save space, preserve resources and offer a higher quality of life. And that's exactly what Wever & Ducré is after. Where do you get your inspiration from? From people like you who share a passion for beautiful things and who attach as much importance to attractive design as to high-quality construction.

The best moments are waiting for you.

Innovating since the early 80's, with a roadmap, based on hard work (WErklust), trust (VERtrouwen) and enthusiasm (ENthousiasme), combined with courage (DUrf) and the necessary dose of creativity (CREativiteit).

Wever & Ducré gris

From Belgium with love

Life is too short for boring lighting. Lighting doesn't have to be complicated. Wever & Ducré provides valuable advice and inspiration for your lighting concept.