Their direct dependence on nature shapes their sense of responsibility and long-term character. His designs are a tribute to the pure, to the purity of the material and to the durability of the form. By conviction they are committed to acting in a sustainable way and feel obliged at the beginning to make products that can be repaired, since this is the only way to ensure their longevity for generations.

Repair and maintenance deepen the relationship between the person and the product. They process only hardwoods from sustainable forestry and give up the chemical treatment of wood.

His love for the material and his requirement to make each piece a masterpiece is what constitutes the value of his collection.

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Respect for nature

Surfaces are treated with organic and porous oils, allowing your furniture to breathe and retain its natural character. This knowledge, combined with state-of-the-art processing technologies, enables them to produce sensual furniture with a high practical value.

Healthy forests transformed into functional and beautiful furniture in perfect craftsmanship: this is what defines your quality standards.